P.S. Let's (Get Married)


Hello everyone,

Last week, I posted a short, bossy little essay about my relationship (actually not something I have written much about at all), and you all seemed to like it. That day, Greg asked me to marry him via post-it and a well-phrased question. (If you read the original Let's post you will appreciate some of the layers of this gesture). Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with happiness and said, "Yes, let's!" So I'm very happy to finally tell you all that we are getting married.

I plan to write about this more at a later date, but as we have been calling and telling people the happy news, I feel fresh waves of gratitude breaking over me every day for all of the people in my life. A relationship does not exist in a vacuum, especially for people that have been together ten years. I attribute my happiness entirely to these wonderful communities of people (you). You all are amazing and inspiring. Thank you so much for getting me to, and through, the best year of my life. Which, I believe, I've said every single year. The happiness just stacks and stacks.

Love and thank you,