Oh, shoot

Sorry, everyone. I disappeared. I last posted on September 2nd. I'm not dead. I'm not depressed. I have lots of excuses, all of them true. I was improvising to raise money for AIDS research.

I was in Boston meeting one of the major founders of improvisational theater in America.

I was running a half marathon along a beach.

I was organizing an Oktoberfest at which I expected 250 people-- and 350 showed up.

I was running an art exhibit opening at which I expected 40 people-- and 350 showed up.

I was on TV (against my will) three times.

I was backpacking across Greece with Greg. (More on that soon.)

I was working on a super-top-secret-nerd project that I hope to tell you about imminently. For this project I've already read five books.

I launched a reading series.

I hung out with John Grisham for two days.

I got a pumpkin before the shortage hit and before the crazy snowstorm blew in.

I designed a Moby Dick costume to wear to a Halloween wedding.

... none of that is an excuse for not writing, but it's something. Right? Right?


So much more, coming soon.

-- Julia